Anis (companion)
Anis is a collaborative effort to create an on-line educational resource for educators, parents and children themselves. It also aims to promote a world-embracing vision by familiarizing users with international organizations that assist and serve children in different parts of the globe. - 3k
Bahá'í Kids Page (Honey Moser)
Bahá’í Parenting (Nima and Negin Anvar)
A bimonthly electronic newsletter dedicated to raising families with strong spiritual values.
The Bahá’í Study Centre
The Bahá'í Study Center is devoted to the study of the Bahá'í Faith through audio/visual materials. One need not be a member of the Bahá'í Faith, or even know anything about it to use these resources. The materials come from a wide range of sources and with an even wider range of quality levels and topics.
Becoming a Brilliant Star (William Huitt)
A site dedicated to helping every child and youth to develop his or her full potential.
The Internet Baha'i School (Tina Salter)
This site is designed to bring quality Bahá’í education to students from all over the world.
Bahá’í Education Resources (Linden Qualls)
“This page is here to make available several resource guides I have developed for Bahá’í educators, parents and anyone else who works with children.”
The Lua Getsinger Baha'i Elementary School Project (Gerald M. Fox)
Education, particularly in the west, is in a state of turmoil. The general populace as well as those involved in education are well aware of the problems facing them, but desperately need an example to follow. This Site is intended to foster a dialog on Baha’i education and to serve as a template for a Baha’i inspired Elementary School.
Raising Spiritual Children (Laurie Early)
Red Grammer's Kid's Place
Red Grammer is an award-winning singer and songwriter with a clear golden voice and a vision. Beloved by children, parents and educators alike. Red is a skilled performer with an outstanding tenor that is recognized as one of the best in the business.
Sapling Publications (Maggie Manvell)
Affordable literature for new and young believers.
Spiritual Education Lesson Plans (Sherveen Lotfi) NEW
This site is dedicated to providing materials for the spiritual education of tomorrow's peacemakers – our children.
Subscribing to Dayspring
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