In order to make the Dayspring Magazine On-line data available to as many users as possible, all pages on this site are stored in Adobe's PDF or Micro$oft's DOC format. For the former you will need the Acrobat Reader, and for the latter a Word compatible program, in order to view and print them.
We seriously suggest that you download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader as this will allow you to better access page content, especially if you wish to customise it for your own use (see below). To download Acrobat Reader, click on the image below.
For those who do not have Word (or Star/Open Office) a Word Reader can be downloaded from Micro$oft's Website (no longer available). Alternatively you can download Open Office free of charge. (Remember to select the correct operating system before you start your download.)

There are various ways of accessing the pages on this site. The best way is as follows.
  • To view, click on the approprate link in the menu.
  • Acrobat: To print, click the Acrobat plug-in's "Printer" button.
    Word: For A4, click on the print button (and ignore next step); otherwise, type [Ctrl-P].
  • Acrobat: Select Reader’s options to "Shrink..." and "Expand..." and click "OK".
    Word: In "Scale to paper size:" select your printers's paper size.
As all but a few of the PDF files have their fonts embedded in them (sadly, making them larger) it does not matter if you do not have the fonts used installed on your computer.
If you wish to download files to your computer, you are welcome to do this. The instructions on how to do this varies slighty between browsers – these are highlighted. (Note that Moz refers to Mozilla / Netscape / Phoenix / Firebird, Op to Opera, and IE to Internet Explorer.)
Method 1
  • Display the page (as above).
  • Click Acrobat Reader's "Save" button (this is displayed as a floppy disc icon).
  • Select required directory and click "OK".
  • Close the browser window to return to the menu.
Method 2 (preferred)
  • Right Click on the link to the file you wish to download.
  • From the list, select "Save Link As..." (Moz) or "Save Target As..." (Op, IE).
  • Select the required directory and click "OK".
While the files are not designed to be altered in any way, most are not protected against copying and pasting to other applications. However, please be aware that some files, in spite of containing text, have been created from scanned page images.
Copying text
  • Display the page you wish to customise.
  • Key Shift-V to select the "Column Select Tool".
  • Block the text you wish to copy and key Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert.
  • Paste the text into your document using Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert.
Copying images (applies to Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above)
  • Display the page you wish to customise.
  • Set Zoom to 150% or 200% (or type in a value such as 175%).
  • Key Shift-G to select the "Graphics Select Tool".
  • Block the area of the screen you wish to copy and key Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Ins.
    (Note that the page will scroll if you drag the select cursor off screen, allowing images larger that the screen image to be selected.
  • Paste the image into a graphics program, such as MS Office's Photo Editor, or MS Paint (or straight into your document).
  • Save the graphics file in the format you require. (We suggest GIF for line drawings and flat colours, and JPG for photographs)
Note: We would very much appreciate it if you would include an acknowledgement referring the reader back to in any document created by this method.  
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