Dayspring is a publication of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bah's of the United Kingdom. It is intended for children between the ages of five and twelve, though it may be suited to some younger and older children as well (contact the editor for more information).  It is mailed out, free of charge, to all registered Bah children in the UK and, on request, to unregistered children one or both of whose parents are UK resident Baha'is.  It is also available on subscription to anyone who would like copies (see below).

E-mail addresses:
Editor : dayspring@bahai.org.uk,
Webmaster : chris@manvell.org.uk

Children who have been registered as Baha'is in the UK — free distribution (no action required).
Children, not registered, of UK resident Baha'is — Free distribution on request.
UK subscription rate — 10 Sterling for six issues (approx. a year), incl. postage.
Overseas subscription — 17 Sterling for six issues, incl. postage.
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Dayspring copyright © 1998 to 2003 National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United Kingdom. All rights reserved.

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