A Feast of Friendship [132KB]
A Friendship Flower to give at the Feast [92KB]
A Friendship Box [42KB]
Some Sweets to give at the Feast [60KB]
Hosting the Feast [130KB]
Feast Checklist [190KB]
Puppets in a Box (and a Hidden Word poster) [187KB]
Make a TV Programme [156KB]
“With the joyful tidings of light...” [125KB]
“Love grows strong with Bahá'u'lláh” [129KB]
“Oh, I love God and I know He loves me too” [130KB]
Games for the social part of the Feast [53KB]
A Day at the Seaside [217KB]
The Teacher's Pet [85KB]
The Tree of Life [261KB]
The Child Gardener and the Boy King [142KB]
Handy Peace Birds and Wiggly Finger Puppets [84KB]
An Action Banger to make [84KB]
Memorise a Hidden Word [129KB]
‘Collecting Virtues’ — the Space game [168KB]
‘Save our Planet’ Mobile [194KB]
Citizen of the Planet Passport [393KB]
Caring for our Planet with the green triangle [128KB]
What is a Friend? [114KB]
A Smiley Badge and Happy faces [118KB]
Poster to colour [88KB]
A Prayer Corner for the Báb [235KB]
A Quiz about the Báb [63KB]
Ideas for giving to the Fund [156KB]
Make your own Fund Box [133KB]
A pop-up card to sell for the Fund [138KB]
Gingerbread Men [156KB]
Plan a Fun(d) Day [159KB]
Fund Poster to colour [82KB]
Design a Name [125KB]
Ridván Ribbon [245KB]

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